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What is Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient art and science which started in India over 2500 years. The physical postures help the body to become more flexible, stronger, and healthier, allowing the mind to be calmer and more focused and improving health.

Why Yoga?
When practiced regularly, Yoga can reduce stress, relieve pain, teach better breathing, increase flexibility, increase strength, help with weight management, improve circulation, and create presence and inner peace. This leads to an overall improvement in health.

Things to know before your first class:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class
  • Do not eat for 90 minutes prior to class and drink plenty of water
  • Wear comfortable clothing which allows a full range of movement class is done bare foot
  • Turn off cell phones
  • Advise instructor of any injuries or health conditions
  • Bring a mat if you have one, but we do have mats available

Frequently Asked Questions about Iyengar yoga

What is Iyengar Yoga?
Iyengar Yoga is a special approach to the body and well being of the individual by focusing on alignment, timing, and sequencing. Alignment in the body leads toward alignment and balance in life. And, over months and years of practice, poses (asanas) are held for longer periods of time, which build endurance and strength while releasing deep tensions within the body. Iyengar yoga has a deep therapeutic effect on all systems of the body. Correct alignment requires focus and attention by the student, which makes this form of yoga a meditation in action and cultivates a more positive mental outlook to life where stress dissolves and happiness emerges. The goal of Iyengar yoga is increased physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Why so much attention to precise body alignment?
Most exercise programs reinforce misaligned movement principles, which, over time, exasperate the body and tend to lead to injuries and decreased well-being. Developing good body alignment leads to greater freedom within the physical body and allows for deep access to the nervous, endocrine, respiratory and hormonal systems of the body where higher levels of healing take place.

Which class is best for me?
Each class level consists of a unique curriculum of poses (asanas) that are structured into different asana sequences for each class. Classes are ongoing and you can join at your level at any time. A level 2 student must be thoroughly exposed to the level 1 curriculum to ensure that the body is sufficiently open and strong enough to advance to the next level. We recommend that anyone new to Iyengar yoga begin with a level 1 class and study with a qualified teacher consistently for 6 months.

What if I have physical problems?
Please notify your teacher before class of any physical problems, limitations, or conditions. Some examples are: high blood pressure, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, anxiety, depression, pregnancy (pre and post), menstruation. Our teachers are prepared to modify poses to accommodate every student. Iyengar yoga is unique in the respect that props: chairs, block, ropes and bolsters are used so that students with limitations can access the essence of the asana without unnecessary strain and with consistent practice, diet and lifestyle choices can heal the body.

What if I am stiff in my body?
Every student has aspects of their physical, mental and emotional body to address through the practice of Iyengar yoga. Greater flexibility will come to the stiff student, as does strength to the more flexible student, and more freedom of mind to those with psychological resistances.

What should I bring to class?
We provide yoga mats and all props necessary for class. We also sell mats in our retail store should you decide to purchase your own mat, which we recommend to our regular students.

Frequently Asked Questions about Restorative Yoga?

What is restorative yoga?
This is a deeply relaxing, supported style of yoga safe for everyone.

What if I am very out of shape?
This class is perfect for those who are not comfortable in a more active class or those who have health challenges which prevent them from exerting themselves.

Do I need to bring anything?
Everything you need for this class is provided.


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